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Shelcom Petroleum and Industrial Chemical Limited is/are Petroleum Products Marketers for NNPC/PPMC & other Oil & Gas Companies in Nigeria & Abroad. It is the objective of the Company to provide the highest quality products and services to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our valued customers.

Shelcom Petroleum & Industrial Chemicals Limited. RC:449850

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We are a cluster and continuous emergence of globally focused regional and international alliances. We are constantly seeking opportunities to add values to our clients. With a strategy of thinking locally but acting globally, we serve tomorrow’s market today.

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We aim to meet the energy needs of society in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future. Learn about our business and people, which grew from a small shop in Nigeria to a major energy company.


Shelcom Petroleum & Industrial Chemicals Limited. RC:449850

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Shelcom Petroleum & Industrial Chemicals Limited

Through our extensive network and specialized understanding of the global energy markets at Shelcom Petroleum and industrial chemical limited, we provide our clients and partners access to innovative and competitive supply solutions of and Hydrocarbon and related products from physical supply of petroleum products to Investment in energy project; 

Offtake and Sales of Petroleum products

Production and Sales of Automotive Lubricants

Sales of Petroleum Product machinery

Procurement of specialized oil, gas and construction machinery

Management and Technical support of petroleum marketing facilities

Consultancy services for turnkey installations for petroleum plants

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